6 Things to Look for When Hiring an Engineer

when hiring an engineer

You want your project to be in the right hands from start to finish. There is no room for a mistake or undue expenses. That is why hiring a freelance architect, and engineer is a wise decision not only for your project but also for your company.

Modern times allow for more skilled individuals to work within their specialties and on their schedules. This freedom enables companies to have access to talent without the long-term commitment of a full-time employee and space for freelancers to pick and choose what projects they want to take on.

The world is your oyster, and remote work options create opportunities for a unique mindset and skills from around the globe to work on your project. On Workalike, you can find remote freelance engineers and architects who offer different perspectives and knowledge than a local one.


A knowledgeable freelancer provides an invaluable service for a set cost. When you hire a freelancer for a task or project that your current team lacks the skills for, you have a temporary team member with expert skills.

These expert skills are pay-by-contract. Paying them a constant salary for their abilities won’t drain the bank. You don’t have the expenses of a full-time employee like office space, laptops, software licenses and any unfilled time. Over time, these expenses really stack up.

Calling in an freelancer can offer you the support you need for a tricky project.

Top-Tier Talent

If a professional has the skills to set out on their own and prosper, the skills available to you are the best in the industry. A freelance architect and engineer has spent years honing their specialized talents within the industry. 

Instead of being limited to one company, they are now free to be contacted by multiple companies. They have control over what jobs they take on. Their specialized talent means they will complete their job professionally and already have an understanding of the field. 

High-Quality Work

A freelance engineer is a highly specialized professional who makes a living by marketing their technical expertise, gaining referrals, and adding to their portfolio. Suppose a company has a bad experience with a freelancer. In that case, it is likely they won’t bring them back for another project. 

A freelancer is in control of what jobs they accept. When you hire a freelance architect or engineer, they are aware of their capabilities. They know how to approach the job in the best way possible. It lies within their realm of specialization, one they’ve likely been studying and actively working in for years. 

The work they do for you will become a part of their portfolio, something they are deeply proud of and will show off for other clients and use as a way to get more jobs and referrals. A freelancer knows that a poorly done job could affect their career, and no big company can back them up. 


The modern freelance industry is well connected. Many use specialty freelancer sites to market themselves and connect with others in their industry and beyond. Hiring a freelancer not only gives you access to their skills but the other connections they have for other sectors as well.

On Workalike, you can hire multiple freelancers for different projects. If you do, you get to know individuals with unique connections and the ability to help you market across the board. 

Connecting with a freelancer and using their recommendations gives you access to talent across many fields for no cost.


The majority of freelancers are teleworkers. They work from online platforms like Workalike. With access to industry-grade programs right from their laptop, they can work from anywhere in the world. Communication is a phone or video call away from a client, and emails make it easy to share project info. 

This flexibility gives you access to big pool of architects and engineers working in Eastern Europe. New perspectives, unique skill sets, and different backgrounds combine for freelancers to offer their talents to your company. 

Bringing in a fresh perspective and new ideas to your company also allows for growth and new processes within your regular crew. 

Why Else Should I Hire a Freelancer?

When you hire a freelancer, you are hiring them for a business transaction. They are a temporary part of your team to help elevate the success and quality of your project. Whether you have a time-sensitive project, need extra help, or are looking to strengthen and inspire your current team, a freelancer will help you reach your goals. 

Since they are an outside force, they will interact with your team differently and bring about new goals and processes. In addition, they are professionals in their field and will keep a beneficial relationship with your company while completing their contract and job. 

Even though they’re a specialized talent, hiring a freelancer is often cheaper than constant staff. Freelancers work by overall project price or by hourly pay. Most of the time, they’re working remotely. So, there is no cost for social insurance and similar. 

From a management perspective, relying on freelancers means you are only involved with them during a single project. Therefore, there is no continuous employment and job description that can change over time as there might be a salaried employee. 

If you were pleased with the freelance work provided, you may bring that person back to another job at a later date or pass on a recommendation to another company. You aren’t obligated to hold on to that person and manage them daily or train them.

There is no adjustment period or training involved. A freelancer that’s hired for a specific task already knows the details and can work more autonomously. You can save money and your staff time letting the project take center stage. 

Overall, hiring a freelance architect or engineer for a project is beneficial. They have flexible hours, diverse experience, and save you money as you only pay for the needed talent per project.