The future of work is remote. The change is happening. Many say it is already there.

Engineering firms discover these opportunities quickly. Most of the building design work will soon be done by distributed teams working from various places around the globe!

This will be a completely different world and you are welcome to join it today.

What is Workalike?

We are a personalized online service that connects European engineering firms with independent remote professionals in architecture and other building design disciplines.

Why join us?

With our help, independent professionals will be able to find more challenging and rewarding work opportunities outside their home country.

  • We are a technology-based recruitment company. We focus on architecture and all civil engineering disciplines.
  • Our team has relevant industry experience. We know how things work.
  • We put you at the centre of our attention to ensure you maximize your professional potential.
  • We will be your trustworthy partner on the path to successful self-employment.


Please leave your information and we will contact you to discuss how to become a successful independent professional.

What are we looking for?

  • Software. You must work with 3D design software and be able to collaborate in BIM environments.
  • English. It does not have to be perfect, but you must be able to communicate freely about your daily work.
  • Communication and leadership. You need to be able to present yourself and your ideas and take the lead in certain cases.

How do we work?

  • You will have to submit your professional information and have an interview with us. We take the quality of data on our platform seriously. Your potential employers undergo the same routine. 
  • Registered employers will publish their project offers on Workalike.  You will be able to make a non-binding application
  • We will organize video-form interviews with employers interested in your services. You have no obligation to accept any job offers, but we are certain that you will eventually.
  • Once you reach the agreement, you will join the Employer team remotely. Your work will be based on a separate contract between you, the Employer and Workalike.


Frequently asked questions

How can I have a licence to work in a foreign country?

You won’t need to. It will be up to your Employer to ensure that, if necessary, the locally certified engineer is properly involved.

Will I be an employee of my client?

No. From a legal point of view, you will be his subcontractor. Workalike will co-sign your service contract with the obligation to coordinate the payments.  

Is Workalike involved in managing design works?

We are not involved in the preparation of design material. Neither in the coordination of the design process. You will achieve better results by working directly with your Employer. And you will integrate into his/her team for the period of the design work.

I have my own solo company. Can I invoice through it?

Yes, you can and most of your potential employers would prefer such an option.

What if I do not want to register for business?

There are a number of “company a service” offerings for freelancers worldwide. This way your service income is structured as a dividend income. Compliance for that is way much simpler. Get in touch with us for more details.

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